Well to start i am computer dumb so bear with me. For a while now after using our computer for a couple days it would practically lock up. When this would happen i could go to the process menu and the qttast would be 95% plus, at this piont i would go to run,then msconfig to the start up menu hit disable all and restart the computer and be good for a day or two. Well last night i wasnt around and my dad was trying to do the same thing but, with no success. now when you start the computer it come right on, go to any user but it will not load any devices. What should i do?

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Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
The first site I have listed below is to show you how to make you machine run faster.
The second is how to delete items in msconfig, just to ensure you got it right.
The third is how to repair windows.
If you decide to do the last, go to this site and read about slipstreaming.

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