On my sister's thinkpad I was trying to reinstall windows 95.(We were have issuse with it) After the installtion was complete and I was told to restart the laptop. After it got to the window 95 start up screen this message appeared:

A file device file that is specific in the SYSTEM.INI file is damaged. It maybe be needed to run Windows.

You need to run the windows setup program again. If the file is included in another software package you may need to reinstall the software that use the file,
then the computer shut off completely. Is there anything I can do

Did you try re-running the Windows installer , like it said?

I can't. Windows isn't running at all. The computer will shut off. If I run it in safe mode it will say error in window explorer and freeze there and will do nothing. Unless I can start up the install program in MS-DOS I can't do a thing.

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