As the title suggests,I've fdisked and formatted the drive of a toshiba 1800-814 laptop and in the process of installing XP Pro - genuine copy. It gets to 9 minutes to go on the GUI setup but then shuts down to standby mode. Now I cleaned the disk, tried again. Nope, same again. Tried a clean install again, nope, again exactly the same point with 9 mins to go. Its not the battery as the laptop was plugged in. All of the above steps completed as per clean install, fdisked system using win98 startup disk. (Deleted pri dos partition, created pri dos partition enabled large disk support, verified drive etc. formatted HDD with Win XP Pro Installation CD from booting up with the cd . Win Xp home normal operating system. The laptop shuts down during final installation i.e. windows gui screen with the minutes on the left hand side counting down as per http://www.blackviper.com/Articles/OS/InstallXPPro/installxppro3.htm image 3.6 install screen.

Laptop just shuts off when the install screen is at 9 minutes left.Any suggestions?

could just be that toshiba doesent want you to load another OS on there system .
i have read were people have problems with installing a new harddrive in a tobisha LTop that isn't a toshiba HD.

If you google laptop shutsdown or pc shutsdown then you get a lot of similar problems about power downs after a new HDD has been fitted. Is the Hard Drive an upgrade or different because most of them link to power supply problems when the laptop is most busy.

Maybe nine minutes left is a systems test, I don't know exactly but its a thought.


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