Hey! On my laptop(runs winxp, Acer laptop) I installed nokia pcsuite and tried to start computer again, I was forced to select which way I boot windows because it didn't shutdown correctly it said. I pressed normal then it stucks on the black screen. I tried safe also, stucks on black screen. Tried acers own hard-drive format alt+f10 but it didn't come up either. I tried windows7 disk what I got, it stuck on starting windows screen. I tried windows xp recovery disc and it stuck on starting windows again. Whats the problem im really hopeless... Thanks guys

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better reformatt your pc...
use a bootable disc...

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Try downloading UBCD (see my signature) on another machine, making a Cd and trying to boot it then. f it will boot there are heaps of software on the Cd to check for a cause of your problems. If it will not boot to that you have a hardware problem and need to visit a repair tech. Get a free quote if you can.


Yesterday it mysteriously booted again and I shut it down, wouldn't boot for 2 hours then again...

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