:rolleyes: I have Norton Antivirus, and I am properly registered. I do not have any problems going online but when the Norton Antivirus tries to update it tells me its unable to do it. Do you think I have a virus? Can you help me please? Thank you so much.


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Could you please give me some pointers as to how to reset the Firewall. I use free version of Sygate. Thank you very much. Annamarie ;)


I went to the www.pandasoftware.com and followed the steps and at the end what I got was this:

Incident: Adware: Adware/Wild Tangent
Status: no disinfected
Location: C:\program files\Wild Tangent

Does this mean that I have a spyware? How can I get rid of it? I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks


Ive never used that website to remove the spyware, i dont think you have to worry about wild tangnet though, as far as it harming your computer or messing something up, i think wild tangnet is a game thing. If you want to scan AND remove spyware very easily i would download microsoft anti spyware beta, at www.microsoft.com As to norton not downloading updates, i had the same problem. I talked to the geek squad at best buy, and they said that if you have a version lower than norton 2005, then it wont know how to work correctly with windows SP2. My problem was even worse though, the virus protection didnt even work. Keep us posted. :)

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