I have a HP photosmart c6180 all-in-one printer. My OS is Windows XP Pro sp2. I am having trouble getting the ink level to display. Each time I try I get the following message..."The computer is unable to establish two-way communication with the device." I use AVG firewall. Any suggestions?

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I am experiencing the same issue. MS thinks it may have to do with a Vista update but nothing specific. HP just keeps advising to re-install. HP 6310 all in one. Vista Business on lenovo t61


I have been advised that a "level 3" uninstall and then a re-installation of the printer software and driver should do the trick. To do a level 3 uninstall is pretty simple:

Level 3 uninstall for HP Photosmart c6180 all-in-one printer

Make sure your software disk is in the CD drive. Then do the following.

1. Click START
2. Go to RUN
3. Enter the following exactly: X:/UTIL/CCC/UNINSTALL.EXE L3
(Substitute your CD-ROM drive letter at the "X". Make sure that there is a space between EXE and L3)
4. Press ENTER and the uninstall should start. Just follow the screens.

Remember, this will take off the driver and any software that was loaded on the original install. After uninstall is complete then restart the computer. Then re-install.

I have done this several times for other reasons.

The printer that is having the problem belongs to a friend. When I finally get to that printer and do the uninstall and re-install I will let you know what happened.


I tried a level 3 uninstall with live HP help. When install had to communicate with printer to setup fax, setup stopped and reported communication with device not available. I completed setup and then tried to setup fax properties and received same message. I am able to print and scan but cannot fax (from PC) or view printer properties. I am able to fax directly from printer and was able to see cartridge proeprties with a forced (#6) restart of printer.


Thanks MVEBA,
I guess that puts us both back to square one. I have not tried the L3 uninstall and re-install on my friends computer. When I do I will let you know what happened.


Yep, I am using the latest version of the driver. I just uninstalled (L3) and re-installed the printer software and had the same success as MVEBA. The two-way communication is still there. I had to by-pass the fax configuration to complete the install. From the information I am receiving from the other forums I use, there are many more out there who have the same problem and no solutions yet. If y'all think of something let me know.


i have a hp photosmart d5160 it won't print anything just saying document pending also unable to establish connection with two way device

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