Hey guys,

I am new to the site and i was if anyone can help me with a little problem.

I have recently noticed that my laptop seems not to be able to install programs through DVD disks or iso images through Daemon tool. However programs like advance system care and other that are downloaded from the net seems to work.

I am not whats going on with my laptop or windows Vista Home P version. when i try to install program from disks or images... the installer.exe appears in task manager under the processes tab but the after wait for up to an hour the installation still doesnt begin. Meanwhile, the comp continues to work normally the cursors appears normal as if nothing is going on.

The installer.exe doesnt do anything but take up 44k of memory, no Cpu resource is used.

If anyone can help or have encountered similar problems please help... i have look through a lot of sites and try a lot of so call solutions to similar problems...

To name a few, i have tried start the installer service manually, tried setting it to auto, imported a fresh registry key for the installer from a pc doesnt have this problem... so please i m stuck... i would format the machine but it is not an option for the moment so if anyone can solve this please help

My laptop is the Samsung Q310 with specs:
Windows Vista Home Premium Sp2
Intel core 2 duo P8600 2.4GHz 32bit
4Gb Ram
Nvidia Geforce 9200M GS

Ps every driver have been updated to the latest so if that what u are thinking thanks for the time but thats not it.

Thank you for your time


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Small question have you tested optical drive,will it read a disc. If not try a disc cleaner same disc used to clean home dv-player if still wont read check to see that drive is properly seated in laptop. If no luck maybe bad drive. Good luck post results. Later---

Thanks for the your time but i have since reformatted my pc due to other problems, and it is working fine now thank you.

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
Good to read that you have your machine fixed, bad to read you had to format to do it. Please mark this thread as solved.

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