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I'm not at that computer now, but im 98% positive no.

The problem is when I click one of the send a page or url buttons in Outlook it does nothing. On all of the other computers it pops up a new email with the link or the page.


ok,when you click the mail icon in IE is what you are refering to right !
does it open Outlook if you click the icon to read mail ! If not go to tools in IE /internet options and programs ans set outlook 2003 as your mail handler .
Just a thought but im guessing that that is done allready !


ok im positive its set as the email handler through internet options. I havent tried to check mail with the button only to send the link or page which leads to nothing. I'll try that tomorrow.


It is set as default. And no it doesn't open outlook when i click read mail. I've also tried tools- mail- send link and file- new message and file-send-page by email. They all do nothing.

I changed the default mail to outlook express and it opened that, but when i changed it back to outlook 2003(which is what is being used) it still leads no where.

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