Hey everybody I have a problem with my video card. Everytime I start certian games it says a 3d accelerator could not be found. Everything worked fine before I installed Windows 2000 Proffesional (I used to have Windows 98).
I have a NVidia Riva TNT 4 Video card.

I tried installing new Nvidia drivers but they said they probably wouldn't be compatibal with my card. Some 3d applications pop up, but they either crash or freeze now after installing the new 3D accelerator drivers.

Also, OpenGL isn't as fast as it used to be.

Anybody got advice for me on how to restore my video card to its original state?

BTW, I installed 128 bit encyption and installed (almost) all of the critical updates to my OS.

If you need more info, I can post more. Thanks.

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I'd say spring about 30 bucks for a new video card and put that one only as a backup.

30 bucks will get you a GF4 MX card which will be better than the Riva.

Are you talking about the GeForce4 MX by nvidia?

Your right, sounds like a good idea.

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yeah...it's not entirely bad...some people think it isn't a good card...but it's a bunch better than the one you got. 30 bucks is pocket change.

I'd suspect you have neglected to install the motherboard chipset drivers.

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