I had posted a previous thread about MSN with no results. As the problem was getting worse, I decided to reformat. This I have done with no problems and re-installed all my programmes and drivers. I've now found that a little of the previous problem still exists. My computer keeps freezing. Sometimes it will go for a little while and other times it freezes every few minutes. The only way I can restart is to manually switch off and reboot. I have checked the connections etc. Is there anything else I should be doing. Your help would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Mary (Scotland) :o

- Do you get any error messages when the freezes occur, or does the computer just "lock up"?

- Do the freezes occur when you run Windows in Safe Mode? To get to the safe mode boot menu option, start tapping the F8 key just after you power up the computer.

- Thermal problems? Open the case agian and make sure that all fans are running freely and smoothly, and that there are no dust/dirt build-ups on the components or in any of the venting paths.

Once again, many thanks. A problem shared is a problem solved. There were no error messages when freezing, but after checking and cleaning fans and giving a good dust there has been no more freezing. :D
Thread now complete.
Mary (Scotland)

You're welcome; glad we could help you get it sorted so easily. :)