I leave my computer on all the time and when I left one day I left the screensaver on. When I came home and tried to use my computer it was on but no signal was being sent to the monitor. So I restarted the computer and it loaded up without error. After a minute the screen will stay on and I can see the desktop and all icons but nothing works. I tried using the Windows XP disc but it continues to just do nothing. Even BIOS does the same, it will work for a breif moment and stops. No activity. I tried removing the drives and I started up with Knoppix. Everything worked fine only for that breif moment. I then put back my HD's in and loaded with windows again and it started doing the same. After all it continued to that in BIOS and cutting off. I am writing this now not knowing if I can send it out before it stops. Does anyone know what is going on and hopefully I will be able to get a answer before then.

Thanks for help!

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You might want to check your computer for virus/trojans and spywares. Some trojans are in temp folders so you might want to delete those too. Do a disk cleanup and defrag too.

I thank you for your reply. But I can't do anything to the computer. I have said that it is not software problems because Im using Knoppix Live and I dont have my HDs on and it continues to stop. Even BIOS does not work, unless there was a virus put into there which I doubt.

Does anyone else know what to do.


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