Got my new build up and running finally. Installed Windows 7 pro, installed the VGA drivers and the mobo utilities. Not connected to the internet with it at this point, but Im not real concerned about that yet. I have a spare G adapter, just want to get the thing running smooth first.

Couple of things. First, I attempted to run the Performance rating tool to see where I graded out, it got about half way through the test and then it blue screened. Now I had run that before I installed the VGA drivers and utilities, so I thought maybe that was why.

So I installed everything, and then I installed Sims 3 and I tried to test run that, the game loaded up to the menu screen, allowed me to choose where I wanted to start, but as soon as it went to load the actual gameplay portion, it blue screened.

Upon startup, I ran the memory diagnostic tool before windows started, and during the first pass, it said it found Hardware problems and to contact the computers manufacturer blah blah blah.

Does this mean something is wrong with my memory? The computer seems to be running good until I put a load on it beyond windows.

The graphics card came with the "VGA Doctor" which is telling me that my VGA card is ok, is there some test I could download that would be able to self diagnose what exactly is happening?

I suppose I should post my specs as well:

AMD Athlon II X2 3.8GHz
4GB Dual Channel DDR3 1333 SDRAM (2x2)
ASUS GeForce 9500GT 1024MB DDR2, PCI Express 2.0 Hitachi 1TB 7200 SATA HDD

I guess I should mention I currently only have a 450w power supply, it came with the case and I didnt think about it until afterwards. I plan on replacing it soon, but its what I got to work with for now.

Also, when running the perfomance test, a little info popup comes up in the bottom right corner saying the display driver stopped working but was able to recover itself. It does this a few times, and then the blue screen happens.

Some things you could try:

Uninstall/reinstall video drivers
Check the MOBO manufacturer website to see how much power it requires
Run Memtest86 and see if it returns any errors (this tests your RAM)(you'll have to burn the ISO file to a CD or create a bootable USB)

You said you have installed Windows 7 pro but this is not the Windows 7 forum. The blue screen of death window will have error codes mentioned on it that assist in locating the fault, please supply that information and someone may be able to assist you.
The mods here may move this thread to the Windows 7 forum where you will have a better chance of finding someone to assist you.