Hi, I am unable to burn cd's and dvd's using either nero or roxio because my vista business cant format cd's and dvd. I was able to burn until yesterday when all over a sudden it stopped. I have not installed any new program except kaspersky internet security which i installed the same yesterday. Kindly assist me with solution to the problem.

I think Kaspersky is not the culprit. Is DVD RW powered on and not burning the DVDs ? What kind of error are you facing ?

What i am able to see is 'windows was unable to complete the format'. I see no other error unless there is somewhere else to look.

Use 2 or 3 different DVDs, give it a try. I think the DVD is causing a problem.

Indeed i have tried all that and still doesnt work.

U reload ur operating system again & 1st Installed Antivirus then update & scan ur complete Hard Drive

Ave reloaded but nothing works.

If possible, try to use your DVD-RW on some other PC. If it still doesn't work, prepare your budget to buy a new one.

Tried a number of writers and it appears they all can't work not until the cd is formated.

As matter of info i solved by installing SP 2.