I got a new burner & i installed the neroplayer with it ...everything was working fine before & after i installed it...but i didn't like the fact that the nero player took over all my media files & i couldn't import them into certain programs...So what i did was uninstalled the nero player but the files didn't go back to normal so i uninstalled my update for windoes media player & redid it hopping that it would put my media files back to normal which it did but now i have no sound at all on my computer unless i go into yahoo chat the sound will work in there & my windows media player will work but as soon as i close the yahoo the sound of my music stops but the player is still going but no sound....any idea's on how to get it back to normal....

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Problem solved...I frigged around with the volume controls & resew my web settings in the internet explorer & it works again....

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