I have XPhome and if I power cycle my computer I have no control over my USB Logitech trackball mouse until I unplug and plug it back in then every thing works fine. If I restart windows the mouse works fine. This isn't a major problem, as I leave the machine running 24/7, but it is an annoyance. I would shutdown if it wasn't a problem to restart.

My system is a AMD Athlon XP 2800+ w/ 512Mb Ram running on a biostar M7NCD mobo.


Sorry I have no explanation or solution for you, but I must note that I've seen lots of problems with USB devices not being detected at startup.

A simple workaround would be to unplug the device when you have to shut down, and let Windows go through startup before plugging it in. If your shutdowns are a rare occurrence, this shouldn't be much of a nuisance at all.

if you use xp and do not like shutdown your system. at least you can use "scan hard ware changes" through device manager. it is a bond-ad method. :lol:

Have you installed the driver that came with the mouse (if you got one)?

You need to go into the bios /setup and enable usb devices in dos if it there ,, there are usually 2 things to enable in the bios for usb devices ,there are in preferial devices i do believe,.should work !

Hi, I have similar problem,I have just bought a logitech cordless mouse which I loaded and works lovely.When I turn the computer off overnight ,I have no mouse on start up??.I have to ctrl/shift all over the place and reload the driver,and restart.

A warm boot works ok,I've tried everything I know off including configsys,but to no avail.

the mouse is connected to a serial port with a usb adapter if that has anything to do with it,

I think I made a mistake with the terminolgy,the mouse has a usb connector which is then plugged into an adapter to a circular port (I think this must be ps2 port now that you've shown me a serial adapter) .the adapter has no wiring.just plug to plug.
thanks for your help and any more suggestions are welcome,regards,bill

ok, i use one of those too,but i have 2 usb mice here, and it works with one and not the other ,go figure!!