Another application may be using it." is triggered when I try to play a sound file (wav) when the speakers are connected to either of the audio sockets in the motherboard of the PC. Device Manager shows NO problematicals in Sound and Audio category, but DOES show two entries for Other Devices under Other Devices with a question mark through them. Loading the motherboard driver did not make any difference to those entries, although the USB1.1 ports now appear to have switched inconsistently) to USB2.0, suggesting the driver is the right one.

assuming the driver is OK, thn my experience is that it is possible another prtogram may in fact have hogged the soun d system. We do a lot of music using midi, and music programs and then when we try to paly something on the sound system perhaps from the internet it does nt work like yours. By going into the control panel and sound etc we have to release the mlidi music program to allow the sound system to operate normally. try checking to see if any othr souind software has 'taken over ' the sound system!