can anybody tell me .Local area connection Quick launch icon.available in windows 7.Kindly let me know the idea.
Kindly find the attachment also.

There is a network icon in the systray by default in Windows 7. That isn't good enough? Or are you actually trying to get a shortcut for the NIC properties on the Taskbar (what used to be referred to as quicklaunch).

yes i am actually trying to get a shortcut for the NIC Property.can you tell me the idea.Kindly let me know.any help would be highly

Right know i got Nic Property Dialog Box.but Yellow exclamation sign
is also along with the Nic Property Quick Launch Dialog Box .Kindly
let me know the idea.Why i am getting this Yellow Sign .Any help would be Highy appreciated.

when i rc on the Nic Property i see Repair Option in windows xp.
But in windows 7 is this option is available or not ?.Kindly let me know the idea.Any help would be highly appreciated.Kindly find the attachment also.

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