I have Windows XP SP2, Toshiba laptop.

Well, after doing some scans with spybot, and ad-ware, and after restarting my computer. I noticed mostly everything is appearing italicized(all this stuff I am typing is also italicized (for me)). I really don't know what happened, all of a sudden everything is italicized. I first noticed it on the Yahoo sing-in page, but I thought they were trying a new look. But now, I see that files and especially things on the internet are all Italicized. I really don't know what happened, and I really need help. !!!!

Your font setting has probably been altered for Internet Explorer. That change affects web pages and other documents which do not have a specified font setting.

Start up Internet Explorer and choose Tools -> Internet options. On the 'General' tab you'll find a button for Fonts. Click on it and change the font back to its defaults:

Language Script - Latin based
Web Page Font - Times New Roman
Plain text font - Courier New

Let us know if that works, please, because that was a guess ;)

Sorry, but that was not the problem. Especially because the problem I am talking has infected the whole computer, and not only the IE. Other things also are Italicized, like the system restore page. Start>accecories>st>SR
All the text on that is also Italisiced. There is probably a problem with the fonts, but Ia m not sure, neither do I know what to do. !!!!

Did you try it? Internet Explorer affects the whole system, because Internet Explorer is part of the Windows Explorer shell!

It might help you to make use of our 'Security' forum section to track down and remove any remaining traces of unwanted intruders on your system, and then perform a 'Refresh install' afterwards.

I posted there, but I think someone deleted my topic, and I have a question about the "refresh install". Will it delete all the files I have on my computer, including all the softwares I have installed? One more thing. Will reinstalling all the fonts again help (I mean to take a crack at it, maybe it will, maybe it won't)? Well, please help whenever you can, because I really do not want to delete all the files on my computer, and do a reinstall, since I have many things/softwares on my computer, which I cannot intall again, since most of the cd's for the softwares I have lost. !!!!

bill786, repost your questions in a topic of their own, please. we ask people not to 'piggyback' other questions onto a topic, because it diverts the discussion and also makes it less likely that you'll get answers to your question.

Use the "New Thread" button and give your topic a descriptive name, relating to a Refresh Install ;)