Hi All.

I think this is the right place for this post.

Finally got around to connecting the HDMI cable between my PC and Monitor today, about time I got rid of the VGA.

When reading the below, bear in mind that on VGA, there were 0 problems at 1440*900)

First thing I noticed, the edges of the display were missing (can't see left half, about 50%, of the Start button and the same amount on the other side).

No problem, I thought, wrong resolution. So I go check. The documents for the monitor state that the Native res is 1440*900, and this is what it is set to :(
I change it about a bit and finally find one that works, Finally, I can see the whole screen again. All is good with the world, until I go to read a page in Firefox... The font is barely legible, blurry. I go play with ClearType for about 30 minutes and get something legible but not good by any means. I switch the res back to 1440*900, play with ClearType again and the text is perfect. But, again, I have lost the right and left edges of the display D:

As a last resort I tried the nVidia control panel, and saw that in there was an option for 'Adjust desktop size and position' Perfect! until the options page comes up.. There is a message there saying that my display format does not support this option and I should go to the change resolution page.
Now I am going round in circles, I much prefer having text I can read and not having the edge of the screen to having the edges and not being able to read anything.

Any ideas from you people here?