Hi, im a relative newcomer to troubleshooting pc's and am having problems with my hdmi connection. I have an HP a6433w pc running vista 32bit SP1 with a pentium dual core E2180 and radeon hd 2400 pro graphics card. The monitor is an HP w2207h that came with the tower. After a freeze while playing elder scrolls IV: oblivion, the hdmi connection failed and I had a blank screen. I reverted to standard VGA cables and restored the optimal resolution through the catalyst control center bundled with the graphics card. when I try to reconnect the HDMI, keeeping the vga connection as well, the screen dips in quality and an unmovable message pops up stating: Input signal out of range change settings to 1680 x 1050 - 60Hz. After I change the settings, the resolution is back up to snuff, but the hdmi is not recognized or utilized. also, the desktop area is displayed at 1600 by 1000. I have tried updating drivers, checking loose connections, manually switching input on monitor, using system restore, and reinstalling the graphics software, all to no avail. Is the hdmi output fried? is that even possible? should I replace the card? appreciate the help. :]

Its a problem with the driver or the port. Check for latest video drivers if it is ok then run a hardware diagnostics test on the ports. I am sure you must have received a CD from the vendor.

yeah i found out it was the port, and returned the card. I just picked up a geforce 9600 gt. now I need a new psu. . . thank you for the help, I appreciate it :)