Well, that is what the teacher told me. This is an old computer running Win98 and it keeps freezing. She tells me that it freezes when she submits her attendence (the program here is called Winschool) or when she checks her e-mail (Outlook) or does anything. If she has more than one program/window open, then it freezes. I have already been in the computer to boost the RAM (I only added 32, that was all I had at the time) It made some improvements. SO far I have it stable enough to send out this plea for help. Anyone?

sounds like she needs a new computer.... or a massive upgrade

Right click on "My Computer" then select performance- see how many resources are available, it is best to have it over 80% if you can and when it is 50% or less it will run like a dog. Go to Start/Run and type "msconfig", click on "Startup" then uncheck any uneeded apps from hoggin RAM at the startup of the pc- some easy ones to take out are MS Office, Corel, AIM, AOL, MSN, etc... these can be run whenever she wants but they do not need to take up resources by running in the background.

Yeah im with Faranth, it's time for an upgrade ;)

Okay, upgrade it is. I just got in a shipment of new computers and will give one to the teacher. Thanx guys