This is my first thread, so please bear with me -- I'm not sure WHAT the HECK my problem(s) is/are...but I keep getting...'page cannot be displayed...' and 'cannot find server'. I've tried all kinds of settings in IE and AOL, still doesn't work. It seems to be secure pages (example: I can get into 'NetFlix', but I can't get to the password and login help screens). My problems seem to have begun when I installed my Norton SystemsWorks & Norton Personal Firewall software. I probably have some settings wrong, however, I can't even get to the area where I need to adjust these - I keep getting a message that I must have Administrator rights or Supervisor approval!!! (I AM the Administrator and Supervisor - it's my HOME laptop!!!). ALSO - everytime I log on (after shutting down or restarting) I get an error message that the file 'C://h40r.exe' cannot be found. WHAT IS THIS???!!! Is it a virus of some kind? I can't find any reference to it on the Internet, and when I do a search on my PC, nothing comes up. What is it trying to run?? I will be ever so grateful for any help/support I can get with this 'mess'. HELLLLLP!:sad:

Can't log into web pages? It seems to me like a cookie problem. You probably have Norton security settings configured to disable cookies or to only allow cookies from certain domains.

As for h40r.exe, I've never heard of it either, unfortunately. Unfortunately, it sorta seems like a virus/trojan file. I went to and did a search there for it and nothing came up.

norton has been known to change username and password in ISP software ,as for the h40r.exe' file not found ,look in ,start/run/msconfig /startup for reference to it and if there uncheck it ,restart computer .also you might want to repair or reinstall ie

Although I'm not very tech savvy, I'll try what you suggested. Thanks for your help!

I thought that sounded familiar - I had already unchecked 3 two references to h404 in startup - but there is still the error message refering to it that pops up when I log on (there used to be 4 or 5 error messages at long until I removed the checks from startup). Also - when I tried to logon as the ADMINISTRATOR, I get a message "unable to logon because of an account restriction" How can I get to wherever it is to change user settings that are restricting me from doing things that I NEED/HAVE to do???!!! HELP ME

Accoutn restriction for the administrator? It's really starting to sound like you've got a virus crawling around your system. Incidently, was the cookie problem the result of your inability to log in to websites?

Windows XP Home will not allow you to log on as Administrator unless you are in Safe Mode.

Viruses are very over rated these days, this is almost never the problem. Unless of course one clicks on a "readme.exe" found attached to an e-Mail from "Get Cash Now!"
This is a common problem with the female computer "scientists."