I have had two emails in the past two days one from a friend of mine and another from a site I have never even heard of saying that I or my computer sent tha an infected email. My friend simply stated tha I had sent him an i-worm and the site sent me this message.

Recipient of the infected attachment: S-FSERVER, Hosted Mail\Hosted Mailboxes, Derm Stapleton/Inbox Subject of the message: Hi One or more attachments were deleted

Attachment utkv.exe was Deleted for the following reasons:

Virus W32.Beagle.A@mm was found.

Now I find this strange because I run antivirus software (Fully Updated) which also scans incomming and outgoing emails I also downloaded Symantec's removal tool for W32.Beagle.A@mm and the tool spent over an hour scanning my computer before saying that no virus was found. My antivirus software also says my system is clean. So what the hell is going on? Anybody?

umm? they dont always catch everything dude...

Is it possible that whoever forwards your e-mail for you (re: SMTP provider) is infected, not you?


This is also how the majority of new worms spread - by self-mailing themselves to people in your address book, but by masking WHO they came from, again, using an address from your address book. I've received e-mail from friends and associates claiming that i've sent them infected messages, when in fact it came from someone else. Check the header of the message to see the full path (route) it took to reach you, and it might give you an indication of where it originated.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I ran that tool and it came up negative. Another thing if I have nothing in my address book for this very reason I keep addresses in my paper diary