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changing a Phenon 1 quad core 9500 to a Phenon 11X2, need to remove lan pxe rom and chage crashfree3 to crashfree2. Phenom IIX2 555( HDZ555WFK2DGM),3.2GHz,512KB,rev.C3,80W,SocketAM3 ALL 3001 <br />Due to Bios ROM size limitation remove LAN PXE ROM and change Crashfree3 to Crashfree2 <br /> <br />asus Mother Board M2NE with current bios, 3001 <br />Nforce 570 Ultra MCP <br /> <br /> <br />email is

Need to find a download for crashfree2 with out downgrading my bios

Guess I will just have to wait till ASUS opens in the am.

Thanks All

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