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First obtain a copy of WinXP. From there you can do an upgrade or you can format and do a fresh install. A Fresh install is recommeneded whenever possible as upgrades don't always go smoothly.

If you do a fresh install, make sure you get a full version of WInXP, not an upgrade version. I also suggest XP Pro over Home edition.

To do a fresh install, just put the cd in, reboot, and boot from the cd rom drive. Then just follow the instructions to install.


so i put in a xp pro cd and reboot..whats that???and what is boot from cd??

can u plz give me step by step and just say the instalation doesnt go well then can i just stci k2 2000 or will that get deleted??



You can double boot to multiple operating systems...

But in your case I doubt you want that.

XP Home is fine for most users (even small business)

There are only a handfull of differences between XP Home and XP Pro and unless you really need those special (mostly networking and security) features you are wasting your money.

Most people cant even tell you the real differences...
Just because your software is Pro it does not mean you are...


To dual boot you will need a partition or drive to install to. Do not try to install XP to the same partition as Win2000 if you want both.

Totally agree about XP Home and Pro.

The only real reason for choosing XP Pro over XP Home is if you wish to be part of a domain network or a simple network which has more than 5 PCs. In just about every other respect the two are identical in every way except default settings.


Copy all the data you wish to keep, including your Favorites, Outlook (if you use it), etc. onto a CD (if you have a burner), a USB flash drive (again, if you have one), or, if nothing else, a floppy disk.

Note: If you don't have a CD burner or USB flash drive, you really should consider it as they aren't very expensive nowadays -- and very handy!

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