I figured this would be the place to find a solution.

PROBLEM 1: I can't download the AIM installer from aim.com . it doesn't give me an error message or anything, but when it brings up the download prompt, which kinda looks like this

Would you like to open this file or save it to your computer?

|Open| |Save| |Cancel| |More Info|

[x] Always ask this before opening this kind of file

so aside from my crude immitation, my problem is that when i click save, nothing happens. i click it again, still nothing happens. i click it a few more times, maybe throw something across the room out of anger, and nothing happens. the window doesn't go away, and i cant download what i wanna. its lame as hell. now your solution may be to "Uncheck the little box next to 'Always ask this...' ", well that particular part happens to be in grey, meaning i cant do a thing to it.

PROBLEM 2: my right click is pretty much useless on any webpage for some reason. i click and click and click and nothing happens. its.....frustrating. usually it will bring up the little menu that has options like "copy", "paste", "save", "save target as", etc....but now....it wont.

PROBLEM 2.4: http://www.bloodhoundgang.com/index2.html
that particular page won't display anything other than the header and side menu, it used to though.

HMM...COULD THAT BE IT?: Last night, due to despiration...or maybe just plain lack of effort, i decided to format my harddrive as a last resort to getting rid of a rather pesky virus. this deleted all my files, reset all my shit, etc. you know, the usual stuff that goes along with formatting.

For gods sake....nah, for my sake. gimmie some help here.


You said that you just reformatted your computer... I assume you put back on Windows 95 / 98 / ME on the box. Did you happen to upgrade IE and apply all of the OS patches afterwards?

If not, you need to do that first. Or try running some other browser besides IE, such as firefox. Out of the box, you are running an ancient web browser that might not know how to deal with today's protocols and dynamic pages and additions to the HTML library.

Go get your patches first.


well bro, i appreciate your effort, but as for downloading firefox, i can't. i can't download a damn thing for that matter. i keep running into that same problem (problem #1), i don't think its my browser, as before i reformatted it worked just fine. i think it might be a problem in my internet settings but im no computer genius. yeah, i've got windows ME, and as far as this "box" goes....ive got no clue what the hell you mean by that. any other suggestions?