I am using WIN2000 Pro. At one time, when I would open my WINDOWS explorer, I could select to view thumbnails, and it worked fine, even if I wanted to open a photo with Photoshop or ACDC. But now, for some reason, I cannot view thumbnails in WINDOWS explorer, except for GIF files, which I also have selected to open with ACDC. I have still selected to open my photos individually, with ACDC, or I can select Photoshop, but still cannot view thumbnails in WINDOWS explorer. If I deselect those 2 programs in folder options, what would I select? Why can't I view them both ways anymore? I want to be able to view thumbnails when I browse with my WINDOWS explorer. Thanks. :confused:

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Try changing the default windows program for opening JPEG and other types of imaging files. You can download the Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 and it comes with a built in feature that allows you to change the image default opening program. Good luck.


Do you have Adobe Photoshop 7 or Elements installed they are known for causing this issue when you have generate thumbnails selected.

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