My computer won't connect to the interent. I have to go thru diagnotics and then it will connect. They tell me it might be my ethernet card? I got a new cable and that did nothing so I don't know if it is my ethernet card or something else. I connect thru a cable and all my lights are on that is suppose to be on. Any help would be appreciated.

They tell me it might be my ethernet card?

who are they!
and they might be right ,so only way to know for sure it to put in a new one and try it ~!

Try a reboot, also checck your router if you have one. Unplug your router for about 30 seconds to complete a power cycle then plug it back in. Then go into your wireless network settings and connect to your network.

Hopefully this helps : )

Does your ethernet port have a light or lights when you plug in the ethernet connection and you're fully booted? If not there may be a problem with the ethernet port, you might want to try to look at the bios and see if it's shut off there or even try to get a pci ethernet card and test if you can get a connection that way.
If you have lights and you can verify you can connect, it might be a driver, firewall, or other software issue. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your mobo, and turn off any firewalls.