folks, this one has me stuffed!! admittedly I am no techie legend, but I can hold my own...

I have beside me a HP pavilion DV5000 that has an XP pro install.

the error is is in that during boot it will go all the way to the desktop, show the wallpaper and not load the desktop icons and start menus etc... now before everyone screams "explorer.exe", I can't get to that point as the other problem is that i get the error:

"the procedure entry point MaxViewofFile could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"

I can clear this error, but with no desktop the only option that works is ctrl-alt-delete and run a new task...but it doesn't matter what I try, that same error comes up.

same happens in safe mode and for what ever reason the recovery partition wont work.

any ideas??

cheers all,

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"MaxViewofFile".... are you sure? There is no such entry point.
If it was MapViewofFile entry point not found => kernel32 has an error...?
Done a malware scan?

yep I am sure unfortunately - checked a dozen times as I couldn't find anything on it anywhere using every search engine I could think of...

can't do a malware scan as have no access to any functions of the laptop other than through task manager & when I try to run a new task the same error comes up.

what is the solution to the mapviewoffile issue?? I will try that and see if it is some dumb typo in the code of something

""MaxViewofFile".... are you sure? There is no such entry point."
If that really is the entry point in the error msg, then it does not exist in kernel32.dll. The existing MapViewofFile function is not being addressed so it will not return a value. There is no actual issue to solve there.
It has to be a clumsy mis-spelling in the script of an app seeking the MapViewofFile entry point. Hence I go with malware. Untested. You are lucky.
Pull the drive, slave it to another sys and run Malwarebytes.
==Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
=Dclick that file, mbam-setup.exe, to install the application,
-ensure that it is set to update and start, else start it via the icon, and UPDATE it.
Select "Perform FULL Scan", then click Scan; the application will guide you through the remaining steps.
ENSURE that EVERYTHING found has a CHECKMARK against it, then click Remove Selected.
If malware has been found [and removed] MBAM will automatically produce a log for you when it completes... do not click the Save Logfile button.
Examine the log: if some files are listed as Delete on Reboot then restart your machine before continuing.
Copy and post that log [it is also saved under Logs tab in MBAM].

I suppose I could guess that the likely malware is being started with the winlogon key; running MBAM on a slaved drive won't fix that reg entry [or any other] because the registry won't be loaded. But it might find and delete files associated with whatever startup keys are being used by the malware. Once they are gone then the sys on that hdd should start without that error, and then a rerun of MBAM will find those key entries.

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