whene i try to run cmd as administrator (Run as administrator) this message shown : access denide you dont have permision to ...
how can i do this ???

It is worth trying
1. log on as an administrator and see if it can work like that.
2; Goto windows help and look for 'take ownership of this file' and apply that and see it it works.
3: check to see if your cmd files (dos etc) are on the same drive partition as windows.
4. Finally I had trouble with an external drive trying to use cmd to delete a file. This was because the attributes of the file were set to read only. It may be that your cmd file is unable to work because of some problem like that;
5: Check that your group policy is not blocking it. (ie you may have to allocate permissions to allow cmd to work on certain files etc)

for login as administrator i need to active it for this i shuld run cmd as administrator !!!!

Whezn you turn on hte machine and login in you use an ID (name) . Is this name actually an administrator in the users group. If the user that you login in as is less than an adlinistrator many functions such as the Dos arfe are restricted;

You must be using vista.. the only os that would do something like this.

If you are an "administrative user" then create a new windows account(administrative user) and then it should work from there.

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Your problem is caused by a virus has not let you open that user, so you first have to update your Antivirus and then talk to us