Hello all,

after endless hardware troubles and then a non-rebooting pc because of software hickups and hours spending on fora, I ran into yet another problem now that I finally have the thing running properly again.

No internet.

It seems I don't get an assigned gateway/ip or such (forgive my clumsy formulations, I'm not much of a techie and working through the other things was harrowing enough for me XD)

Is there a DCHP problem? Or did I forget to tick a box somewhere (ip routing not enabled?)

I really hope you can help me. I've kind of given up finding out for myself.


Did you try to run/Ipconfig? If not do the following below:

1. Windows XP/2000/98/ME
2. For Windows XP/2000 Click Start-Run, type CMD and click OK. For Windows 98/ME click Start-Run, and type command then click OK.
3. Type ipconfig /release and press Enter.
4. Now that the current IP Address is set to all zeros, type ipconfig /renew. If you had to type ipconfig /release_all on the previous step, type ipconfig /renew_all on this step.

5. You should now see numbers instead of all zeros. The number must be start with 10. If any of the numbers start with 192, you must follow the process again or call Information Services for more help. Seek help on your service provider (Internet )

Good luck with it

This doesn't look like its even connected. Check the connections (wireless switch if connecting through wifi). it should show the connection on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Thanks for the replies and help!

I already did the ipconfig stuffs and somehow the cable did not register, but in the end I managed to configure it ok and the cable registered suddenly too. (so now I can always fall back on cable if wireless goes haywire but so far it works fine!)
It was a pretty stupid mistake, I thought it got caught up on the gateway/ip things (or so it said) but I just forgot to type in the key with caps :/ It just didn't *seem* to fail on authorization because it didn't tell me that it got hung up on it and it actually seemed to pass that step and progress to the next (I'm just an IT and tech shy girl who has to figure out all these things by herself so don't always take the logic step) so I just didn't check that particular part until much later.

(sorry for my late reply and thanks, I've been ill)