i have a problem.. a big one
for some reason my uninstall feature went away
for all my applications i dont know why but they are poof gone just look at the screen shot


I need to run photoshop i have the legit version i bought it student price.. but i cant use it.. when i go to adobes site it is telling me to uninstall it.. but i cant.. why the heck did this go away? anyone have any ideas?! please respond.

I have no options to uninstall anything... not one application when i do the window components it works for windows apps just not any 3rd party... so i was thinking it was a registry problem i went to some other forums and this is what has happened..
first i downloaded 2 tools that were suppost to fix my windows registry for free they fixed 20 items of say 700 that were wrong.. and then I got maybe 40 of them fixed.. im a tech guru about some things but not when it comes to registry but thats the only logical thing i can think of.. maybe spybot deleted it during its weekly scan? because i know spyweare cleaners can do that.. but its really wierd how it just went away...
I also tried running the windows repair tool but with my dell it says that I have no hardrive.. i guess when you boot from cd option the hard drive doesnt show up because its serial ata? I dont know what is going on but its been bugging me all day.. i need to get some artwork done in photoshop and illustrator today.. but all of this started with an error i got in photoshop saying
"Your adobe photoshop user name, organization serial number is missing or invalid"

so when iw ent to photoshops site it tells me to comeplete step one of installation then when i do that it tells me i need to reinstall the application if that does not work, but I still do not have the option to uninstall ANY of my applications in the control panel including photoshop
besides these 2 problems my computer is working fine.. please help!

Are you logged in as an administrator?

Make a new account with administrator priviliges and see if you are able to it from that account. Sometimes if the registry gets corrupted, it can make you lose your admin rights for certain tasks e.g removing software

yea i am should i just clone the account i have now then delete it?

make a new one and see if it is any help first. If it works then copy your stuff.

tried it i am getting the exact same problems

First, check for virus or hijack softwares. Then do back up of all your files which you need. Then, delete all the partitions in your hd, create new partition, reinstall windows.
Reinstall Adobe.

This should work.

Good Luck

I may be barking up the wrong tree, but perhaps if you navigate to this key in your registry [go Start, run, type regedit and press OK]:
-then rclick on uninstall in left pane, choose permissions and ensure that the administrator [you, perhaps] at least has Full Control. That should do it.