My wife's laptop running Windows Vista suddenly can't connect to the internet through the LAN cable by which she is attached to our wireless router (she doesn't have wireless facility in her computer). I've tried several cables and know they are working, the router is working since I'm getting a wireless signal from it in another part of the house. What else could be the problem? Neither Firefox nor Explorer are working, nor any other applications that use the Internet. Help please. To put it mildly, internet connections are not among my areas of expertise!!

hi,go to device manager and make sure that the network adapter is working ,no red or yellow ! ,if there are then you need to reinstall drivers for the d evice

Thanks, I solved the problem by rebooting the router. Should have tried that before I posted a query.

Your wireless worked ,but not the wired !!remember that fix for next time as it will likely keep doing it ,