I have a configuration/tweak issue that I don't know how to resolve. for the last week or so, whenever I use right-click on SOME of my desktop icons the context menu that appears seems to be double the normal width, showing the icon on the far left, then a gap, and then the accompanying text on the far right.
I suspect this may have started when I installed some software but I can't remember which software I have installed that could possibly have done this.
I have tried referring to a book called "Windows XP inside out" but it doesn't have much about this.
Can anyone help me?

Not all applications that have an entry in the context menu window will be present in that key in the above article http://www.ehow.com/how_5867604_rest...-settings.html
To find some you must do a search in that hive, HKCR, using "contextmenuhandlers" as the search string. And then you must identify each that it finds.... don't remove your audio, video, antivirus etc entries. Be careful!!