Hey guys, im real stuck and just needed somewhere to get some help so came here, I heard you guys know what your talking about.

I bought a new Dell Dimension 9200, about 3 weeks ago and everything was fine until it suddenly started saying

Windows- No Disk at start up, and wouldnt go away, then the Windows NT DDE broke and kept closing clipsrv.exe which in turn broke everything so all i could see was the wallpaper, we didnt know how to fix it and were told to re-install windows... which was a mega mistake, we did it and all was good until them messages started appearing again. So we were able to stop the windows DDE by just disabling it but the Windows-No Disk still happens, and now just randomly the computer mutes itself, its a crazy problem! Especially when watching films and stuff or even just music, it randomly mutes! Does anyone know how to fix this?

Also my fonts now are not quite right, the graphics on games and stuff are fine but the odd icons and fonts just look a bit wrong.

Anyone got any ideas? Thank you for reading!

Nikki x

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Bought it new only 3 weeks ago? This sounds like no quick-fix problem to me. I would contact Dell and ask them to rectify or replace it. It's still under warranty and they are responsible for seeing it has no serious problems in that time. You shouldn't have to come on to the forum for help, that's just letting Dell off the hook.


you may be able to use system recovery to install a new xp for my d5150 its control + f11 at bootup) - but if its still in warranty you would be beter sending it back

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