Hi all.
When I try to run games on my computer, the window is in fullscreen mode, but the view doesn't cover the whole screen; as to say there are black bars on the left and right. I changed the ingame settings, but I can't get it back to where it used to be. You see, I started windows today, and I got a bug where the monitor suddenly goes bright and blurry. I have fixed this now, but I can't get the display settings back to where they were. I can get aspect ratios where the screen is covered, but then the game runs too slowly or the mouse cannot move quick enough.

Thanks for any help.

I guess you didnt install your display driver. Install display driver & install chipset driver. If you still face this problem then install directX. If you try to play game without installing display & chipset driver then it will make problem. Sometimes it makes problem if you dont have directX there in your pc.

nah I have the latest drivers and a pretty recent DirectX. Anyhoo I managed to solve it...somehow :o

Sometimes latest drivers make problem. Install your video & chipset driver from that disk what you have got with you motherboard. Depending on OS you have to install directX. For example directX 10 is the best directX for windows XP & directX 11 is the best directX for Vista or Windows 7.