... is missing or currupt: \windows\system32\config\system

Having loads of problems with my Compaq Mini 700 Notebook.
My OS is Windows XP Professional Home Edition.

Tried numerous times to reset it from the F10 Bios area but
this is the message that keeps coming up.

What to do?


remove all your external cables for printers, USB, Modems etc. and Go to bios and set no boot for usb drives and try it again

In BIOS I am in "systems configuration" and have two options; Internal Network Adaptor [disabled] or [HDD:PM-Toshiba MK8] which is also disabled. I cannot find a USB drivers set-up.

Please advise.

Okay, Just test without giving no boot. Do you have windows xp cd?

Our laptop came with all the software already installed.


Contact the Vendor from where you purchased this notebook and ask them to provide
you the WinXP bootable CD or if your notebook is still in warantee,then take it
back to that Vendor and tell them that their is a problem with the system file
of your WinXP.

Hi Frank, I was just thinking that myself.

Please do let us know if your problem gets resolved after you show your notebook to the vendor.

Hi Frank, sure! No problem. Thanks for caring.

Hi Frank, I've fixed my computer - yeah! Here's how. I found the manual and discovered if I clicked the F6 key at the first prompt screen, I would be forwarded to the 3rd party restore page. I followed the instructions and was able to restore my computer plus make a disaster recovery disk; should my computer crash in the future. So all is well again. Phew!

You actually read the manual??!! Must be a woman..... must be.

You actually read the manual??!! Must be a woman..... must be.

LOL! Yes, I admit it... I am a woman. But to my credit, I did search the internet, for answers, all day before I reluctantly turned to the manual. I didn't think the manual would have the answers but it did. Maybe you guys should try turning to your manual from time to time :-))!

Anyway, your original error message, celine, was about a corruption of one of your registry hives. You can actually recover from that problem, usually with little loss. Next time, eh?
May I suggest a very good registry backup tool? Far better and more comprehensive than Sys Restore, free, and automatic. Get ERDNT. Set it to save the last seven days reg hives in your C: root [C:\]. The readme explains all.
To enlighten, this is the content of the shortcut that I have placed in C:\Docs n Sets\Me\Start Menu\Programs\Startup :
"E:\Program Files\ERUNT\AUTOBACK.EXE" C:\ERDNT\#Date# /noconfirmdelete /days:7
E:\ is the drive where my pgms are..., C:\ERDNT is where the backups are written.
To create such a shortcut you rclick on autoback.exe, choose Create shortcut. Next open the shortcut's properties and modify the target line, perhaps to what I have shown above. Then drag the shortcut file to the Startup folder I have indicated above.
And that's it.

Sounds cool. I'll have a go at that. Thanks.