HI all..
Im having a problem and not sure how to fix it.
On certain random websites I keep getting popups for macro media flashplayer 7. most times they pop up 3 times in a row. Just had one popup as I was typing this and freeze me up till I hit ATL+F4. What I need to know is this something my machine needs or is this a virus trying to get into my system. Its becoming a real pain when 3 of these boxes pop up on every page of a website Im looking at. Im running WinXP pro and I dont have any kind of popup blocker. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW Ive also run virus scans and found nothing.

What kinda popup messages do you get on the popup menus?

Its a security warning box that asks me if I want to install and run Macromedia Flashplayer 7 thats says its authinticated by verisign blah blah blah then has a box to check that says "always trust this content" or something to that effect. then has 3 options at the bottom that say Yes,No or More Info. Macro media flash player 7 is underlined. All I know is it is a windows security warning box.

You can just choose yes in the dialog box and then click ok... and you'll have flash player installed .... Once installed .. it'll not give you the warnings.

OK TY..I just wasnt sure if it was a legit program my system needs or a pop up virus disguised as something legit. I seem to remember installing it once before , before i did a wipe and clean install but the popup kept coming after i installed it..So i dont know..i'll download it and see what happens..BTW..Its coming up on each page I click on here too but Im not really sure what the flashplayer does or is for..dont think I ever use it for anything.

Well..when i click on yes..it didnt download anything unless it did it under a second w/o a box to let me know it was finished..but the popups stopped, so thanks again

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