ok I'm not sure if this is the right thread but I have a blackberry curve and was wanting to put a windows mobile os on it but I can't figure out where to download the os

Also I'm working on a way to to turn my blackberry into a remote control for a television any ideas ?

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You should have tried the Gadgets and Gizmos section for this query, but anyways for windows Moblie I think you ll have to buy the disk first as any OS. WHat OS does it comes with though?

As far as TV remote is concerned i have no clue.



just so you know, there is no single version of windows mobile. What MS does is that they licence the code to manufacturers, who build a version for thier hardware.

You cant run WM on a balckberry anyway.


they licence the code to manufacturers, who build a version for thier hardware.

same reason you cant run a toshiba version of WM on a HP.

Early blackberries used a 386, which i dont think can run CE, but the newe ones have an xScale CPU which can.

But still, like i said. RIM dont make a version. Also, i dont know if the ROM on a blackberry is flashable

also it would be illegal, unless RIM released an official version.


know nothing about windows moblie or pda's but found this in a search ,
"BlackBerry PDAs run on BlackBerry OS, Palm PDAs run on either Windows Mobile or Palm OS, Nokia PDAs run on Symbian OS, and other brands of PDA phones that run on Windows Mobile OS"


there are some non palm pdas that run palm os, and some things that arent PDAs that run windows CE based systems (ATMs for example)

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