Ok guys I've got a question for y'all.

My bro's comp has been acting really wierd lately. I think it's got a virus, but I'm not the techiest guy around so it may be something simple.

Anyway, what it'll do is startup, and get through BIOS and all that. Then before it gets to the "windows is loading" screen, it'll make several beeps from the actual computer, then crash to a black screen with an omega and alpha symbol in ASCII.

Dunno much about his specs, the comp is a dinosaur. Its got a PII 333 MHz and WindowsME. Probably less than 64 megs or RAM, don't really know.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

whats the manufacture of the PC, and whats the exact beep code (i.e. 1 long 3 short, etc...)

Awe, the SUE line it's trash......it offers no security at all. So your prob right. Are you behind a router?

Well never mind I reinstalled Windows on the thing and it seems all right now. Gonna have to get a good anti-virus and firewall on it now though...

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