Doesn't anyone use 9x anymore?
I actually still use 98se on my 650mhz sony vaio laptop

Surprised no one has posted about these OS's yet
So I decided I'd be the first

i'm running win98 on both my atholon k6s - a 400 & 450mhz. am considering scrubbing the OS on the 400 & turning to the linux side on that box, but i barely have time to pickup dreamweaver/javascript/perl/yaddayaddayadda so where in the world am i gonna carve time 4 linux - but it seems pretty kewl, so.... 8)

I use Win95 on my old Toshiba 486 Laptop, works great, never had to format or do anything to it. I install 98se regularly on many of my boxes for familiarilty for my family. I just hate patching/fixing/ and cleaning it up.I'm thinking of trying Lindows on one machine.

Never use the "L" word. It isnt as good as you think/want it to be. Reply in the unix section if you want to know more about Lindows.

If you want to get started with Linux, try Mandrake or RedHat. RedHat is a pretty intuitive version, popular too. Mandrake is basically RedHat with a nicer gui interface/wizards to make the transition from Windows to Linux easier.

I find it amusing that with all the "Window Smashers" out there, that their choice for an OS has all the "look and feel" of the product they're trashing!
For every satisfied customer I'm sure you'll find dis-satisfied ones. And vice-versa.
I've benn running Win98 & 98SE for quite a while and have had good and bad luck.
Windows may not be the best OS out there, but like it or not, it'll probably be around for a while.
My $.02

*steps off soapbox, picks it up and carries it off into the shadows*

i had a copy installed to my vMware so i can help ppl with computer problems >.>

all my computerrs run NT 5.X ;D

all my computerrs run NT 5.X ;D

Amen to that.