loaded windos xp on older Compaq Presario now when I try to enter Bios to shut off case fan the bios option isn't there. I've cycled through all the f keys and only get boot menu and the option to reset to an earlier time. (None of these helped get my bios screen back)
I get an energy star screen and it shows me my drives then it goes to a black screen saying press f2 to continue without case fan. then it goes right in to load windows previous date or load windows normally.
Any suggestions?

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I am a little confused.

Do you have a faulty Fan that you wish to disable?

You can just pull the power cable manually.


No faulty fan. There isn't a case fan in the computer just a cpu fan.
I should be able to access the Bios and turn off the fan by disabling the case fan.
But there isn't a bios option. I cant even get to the bios. This pc had bios option before I re-installed xp. But now I can't get in to the Bios.
I get a Start up screen that checks for drives and then boots up the windows boot menu where you can pick from restore or run normal etc.
The pc wont just boot right into windows.


Ok you confused me more. What does boot option have to do with the fan running or not.

Can you please clearly state what you want?


If there is no case fan fitted I would not be too concerned aout instructing BIOS to disable it. Delete key to enter BIOS?
Anyway, if that startup screen that shows your drives does not indicate BIOS Setup options [key presses] then perhaps it is time to reset BIOS.

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