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When I restart or shutdown machine stucks at "WINDOWS IS SHUTTING DOWN".

any solution ???

run through an msconfig.reduce the amount of startup items.if you have any questions about which start up items to check or uncheck,google search them and go to any results at:liutilities.com.also you may want to run a disk cleanup.delete contents of prefetch folder at c:\windows\prefetch. also you may also want to run spyware scan and delete all spyware,adware,malware..etc

you may also want to remove windows xp ghost drivers:

With XP you dont need to go into safe mode. The Following applies while checking for ghosts drivers in XP.

Click Start>Run> Type cmd

Have the customer then type in the following syntax:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 then hit enter

At this point it will show nothing that is fine.

Then type in start devmgmt.msc

Then the device manager will come up at this point have the customer click on VIEW>SHOW hidden devices.

Click through the various drivers in here and look for the light grey drivers and remove them.this should straighten out your pc! :p


When I restart or shutdown machine stucks at "WINDOWS IS SHUTTING DOWN". I refreshed the OS but the problem is still there.

OS : Win 98 SE

give me some solutions on Win98SE.

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