Ok, so about 4 or 5 days ago I got broadband. Everything was going great till about 2 days later. When suddenly everything I go to "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" I'm going crazy! I would really appreciate anyone that could help, I have Windows XP. I have run Ad-aware, Spybot and Spy sweeper but no luck. I downloaded FireFox today, but the exact thing keeps happening. I have tried many things. I really need help, this is driving me insane. I have to reload the page about 5 times for the page to actually work and when it does the layout is all messed up and it doesn't load pictures and Ad's. I have also tried running Hijackthis, but I need someone that can read the scan, so if you can please email me and let me know!! This has never happened before and I don't know what’s causing it now. I have tried running the Broadband CD again to re install it but once again no luck! When I restart the computer, The WebPages work for 10 minutes, But after that it keeps saying it can't be found, and this is not just one site but every site I have been too! Even to check my hotmail, google. I haven’t deleted any folders or anything as someone suggested probably happened. Desperate Call for help!


Feel free to email me at Xx_BrokenDreams_xX@hotmail.com as i can't always access this site.

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I seem to recall that it was one particular setting in ZoneAlarm which caused the problem, but I can't recall which one.

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Hi sugarx
First port of call is to contact your broadband provider, and explain the problem. Be at your computer at the time as they may want to talk you through trying something. Don't know who your provider is, but if you get a helpful and knowledgeable helpline supporter answer the phone (this is pot luck), then they are pretty good and the serviced they provide is getting better.

If still no joy, then you may have to do a reinstall of the whole lot, as their is a good chance you are infected. Not the end of the world, providing you are able to back everything up first. Let me know how you get on, and if you want some tips on A/v software if you reinstall.


yeah, first thing tomorrow i'll ring them up and see if they can help me! thanks alot for your reply i really appreciate it!!

theres a little problem about repairing though, when we first brought the computer it alreayd came with XP and we didn't get a CD with it, i have never ahd to use the CD before now, and i'm not sure what to do! the problems seem to be getting worse and worse, i just can't win!

so i'm still trying to figure out what to do, its been 2 years since we brought it now so, i can;t exactly go back and ask them for the CD.

thanks again for taking the time to reply!!

Hi again
Dont know if you have had any joy with your service provider. However, these days it is easy to reinstall xp, as you just boot up with the xp disc already in your computer which you put in prior to turning off. The on screen instructions will talk you through the install process. You can pick a cheap edition of windows xp up on ebay or try the computer mart weekly mag. Best of luck,

GOOD NEWS!! I did ring my ISP, and they directed me to actually remove and delete ZoneAlarm, so i did and it worked!! i felt stupid it was such a little problem, they said they had, had a few calls with the same problems of mine, turns out the Upgrade of ZoneAlarm is the cause of it. but now i don't have a Firewall =S does anyone know of any good firewall's i could download?

Thanks alot for your Help!!

I seem to recall that it was one particular setting in ZoneAlarm which caused the problem, but I can't recall which one.

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