Hi,I am a bit of a novice on a computer so bare with me but hopefully somebody can help me?

I recently reset my computer back to factory setting as it would not go npast the b;lack start up screen. It gave me the option to backup all my files onto the c: drive, which I did. They are all now in ther under 'program files'. The issue I have is that the programs that I had previously on the computer i.e. photoshop, autocad etc are now not available to use. They are not on my add/remove software file but they are in the 'program files'. It has saved the information of the programs but the installation wizard isnt on there, so I cannot use them?

Sorry about the poor explination but hopefully someone can help me?


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Nope, that's clear enough, It. If you ran recovery software you will have had your registry set back to the virgin state, without any application keys in it. Those programs you listed store data and run information in their own registry keys which are now gone, so although the programs' files still exist there is startup and run information missing. The only way out is to reinstall those applications.

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