hi dont know if anyone here will be able to help i bought a hp laptop with xp pro version 2002 sp 2 for my nephew when i bought it the guy showed me it playing music etc having bought this laptop ive discovered i can only access a limited account ive tried various methods to accces admin account everyone comes back with access denied system error 5 i cant boot from floppy or cd and none of the backup discs work before i give up and pay for a new laptop i wonder if anyone has any advice

If the system stops at a login screen hit <CTRL><ALT><DEL> twice and you should get a place to type in the user name and password that is filled in with your current user. Replace the user name with "Administrator" and leave the password blank and see if you can get in as administrator. If not download UBCD from the following site and use the NT password cracker to reset the administrator account password.


The password tool is under Data Recovery.

To get to the boot from CD Option you will need to get into the BIOS. Different Manufacturers use different keys but when the system is first booting try hitting <F1> <DEL> <F2> <F9> <F10> <F12> and see if you get either a option for what device to boot from or the BIOS settings. What to boot first is normally under the BOOT menu option. If the BIOS is password protected there is a BIOS password cracker on the UBCD disk also.