I already posted this before but I have a research to make and problems with the IE 6.0 are getting worst every day.....
while trying to load a page on ie 6.0 i cant click or use any other ie page. i have been downloading pretty much stuff lately i think it messed up my IE.
It takes around 10 seconds to load each page though im using a university connection that is really fast and i didnt have this problem until a week ago.All other computers using the same connection dont have this problem, their connection is really fast.
So whenever i load a webpage it takes me 10 sec to load and sometimes more time leading to an complete freeze of my laptop.... and while loading i cant click anything on the IE and cannot use any other IE page already opened..


id suggest switching to mozilla/firebird/opera, or reinstalling >.>

thanks guys..
i prefer sticking to IE but still even my win xp is now having problems like freezing for a while...
i have tried Spybot and Ad-Aware and removed ads but still the problem is the same...i dont know what i should do exactly!
i defraged twice but still nothing chages the same problem is there.
i cant reinstall i dont have my software its in my home country...
plz more suggestions....

thanks again

switching browsers, untill you can find another solution, uninstall and reinstall IE, however i doubt this will work 100%, sounds like you just have an old fraged cruppted computer, id still suggest either switching browsers or reinstalling windows >.>