i have a virus problem.i have an infected file named windows\system32\cpan.dll and two different anti virus programs have tried to fix it.none were sucessful i have tried to manually delete the file it will not(from windows) it states it is being used nothing is running except windows.how do i get it deleted?Is there a way to access dos commands before windows boot up?Is it dangerous to run my computer with an infected dill file? I sure could use some help if you can help please e-mail me or post a solution here.

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Have you run a search for *online virus scans*? Also, you may be able to delete the file if you boot in safe mode. Not sure.


i am un sure how to boot in the safe mood i can get a coomand prompt while window is running i think the dill file is running in windows


Is there a way to access dos commands before windows boot up?

Ok... something about this bugs me.
You are not using DOS! You are using a DOS style command interrupter on Windows XP. If you don't believe me type:


And see what it tells you. DOS has been gone since Win95 and was never a part of the NT line.
I know this is nitpicky, just like how the term "hardware firewall" bugs me as well... but computers are of an exact nature, therefore it is important to use exact language when discussing them. This way everyone knows what everyone else is talking about.
In the end it is better for everyone.

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