Well I have helped answer a few hundred threads here and now it's my turn for advice...

Backround: I have a client that has a flat screen hooked up as a second monitor in the waiting room which was used to run several flash videos one after the other. The company that produced the software sent out an update to their application about 6 months ago that basically trashed the working installation and removed the old applications and code and the system no longer plays anything but their logo. We can't locate the original software and this system was setup in a closet (I did not even know it was there...) by their old sysadmin and is not on the network so I have no backups. The manufacturer stopped answering their support line about a month after the release and subsequently are now being sued by the Doctors that had the software and have declared bankruptcy to stop the calls....

My Job: Make it work again...

I have Adobe CS3 Web Premium which has Flash, Dreamweaver, Contribute, etc. however I am a sysadmin not so much a web developer. I have worked with Dreamweaver setting up a few inital sites for customers but have yet to start playing with Flash. I have all of the flash files (.swf ) from the application but need some guidance on how to create an application. It needs to run on a second monitor connected to an XP system and display the flash files one after the other and loop back to the beginning. If someone can point me to an easy way to set this up I am pretty sure I can take it form there. Mainly I just need to know where to start and what apps will need to be on the XP box to make this work.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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