What is the difference between a driver and a controller, and where are they located.

Hey dlh6213...I have that location bookmarked, and have seen both of these definitions before,they're very similar. They both control peripheral devices, but that's where the definitions becomes vague. Let me see if I have this close to right, a controller is the information coming from the ATbus, PCI, and SCSI devices. And the drivers make this information from the controllers work by means of translation?

Let's see if I can clarify this...

A controller is a device (hardware), that controls the transfer of data from the computer to another device (printer, monitor, etc.). A controller does not translate information.

A driver is a program (software), and translates information between hardware (devices) and software (programs). A driver does not control the transfer of data.

Since a controller is a device, it requires drivers, just like any other hardware, to translate between it and the program that uses it .

Does that help or just muddy it up some more? :)

Absolutely! Thanks, it makes sense now. I do apperciate your taking time to answer this newbe type question, but I have to get an education of the architecture for a better understanding of how this machine works. If you can think of a good tutorial that might help me get ahead to where I can start asking the "good" questions... :)

Thanks...I'll peruse these later, have to go make some money now.

Thanks dlh6213...I just bookmarked those links for current and future refference.

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